A Groundbreaking multiplayer
vr tactical shooter
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Step into the future of warfare &
join the battle for Global JUSTICE

Explore a morally complex world where every mission, from covert infiltrations to full-scale assaults, has the power to change history

Welcome Operative,

On the shadowy brink of a new cold war, two elite factions, Specter and Buran, emerge from the depths of global intelligence networks. As a skilled operative, you are recruited to join these units in the near future, each formed by disillusioned ex-agents and the best special forces operatives from around the world.

Your Mission: Navigate high-stakes combat and intricate warfare where every choice shifts the global power balance.

Your mission is critical: execute daring operations, gather vital intel, and battle against the odds in hostile environments to secure victory for justice and freedom.

Choose your faction

Comprised of the best special forces operatives, Buran aims to use their expertise to tilt the scales of power in their favor.

Formed by former intelligence agents seeking to restore order, Specter operates in the shadows to bring justice where traditional forces fail.

Master your arsenal and engage in operations


Over 6 maps with destructibles and a training hub for special forces

Game modes

Up to 10 game modes with both PvP and PvE

Weapons & equipment

30 Weapons, 30 Attachments, 10 Specialized Tools

Character customization

Stand out in the battlefield with our customization tool

Militaristic AR experience

Experience innovative UI features while wearing your combat AR glasses

Progression system

Earn experience and social points to unlock new skills, gear, and customization options

Weapon customization

Assemble your weapon of choice to go into battle

Immersive mechanics

Discover unique mechanics like dragging, vaulting, applying bandages and more